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M-K2-SМ25, M-K4-SМ25

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Digital radio magneto telluric recorder M-K4-SМ25 as a part of the RMT system is intended for field electro prospecting investigations by methods of the radiomagnetotelluric soundings (RMT)for the electromagnetic monitoring.
The recorders are intended for transformation of received analog signals into digital codes of data acquisition (data collection), primary processing and storage in a digital form of information in non-volatile Flash-memory. Channels of the recorder are connected with the transformers of the induction low-frequency magnetic field (magnetic coil sensors or magnetic antennae) and grounded electrical antennae via remote preamplifier.

The recorder collects and stores data (along with service information, including coordinates, time etc) in digital form in Flash-memory.
The results of measurements are recorded in the file of *.sbf format. Each file contains records of time series of specified frequency ranges, the results of spectrogram calculations by processor of the recorder, the data of calibration, and additional information (time, coordinates, serial numbers of the antennae, comments of the operator, etc).

The recorder provides visual control of data directly at observation picket on the built-in display.
Software tools provide setting of parameters of data collection, allow producing of initial checking of the recorder functioning, exchange data with PC and to check results of data collection and their processing in digital and graphic forms.

In the free running mode the management of the recorder is carried out with the help of keypad, installed on the front panel of the recorder.

The management of the recorder can be carried out from the host PC with help of Ethernet. In field conditions portable PC (Notebook) can be used.
Power supply of the recorder is provided by an external or built-in accumulator.


Number of channels:

  • 2(for М-К2-SМ25)
  • 4(for М-К4-SМ25)

  • ADC data, bits: 16
    Built-in memory, Mbytes: not less than 2048

    Work modes: time series acquisition (collection) / spectrograms measurements/ oscilloscope

    Range of input signals, V : ± 1

    General frequency range, kHz:
  • 10 –100 ,
  • 100 – 1 000

  • Sampling rate after decimation, kHz :
  • 312.5,
  • 2500,

  • General frequency range, kHz: 10 – 1000

    Frequency grid:
  • discontinuity not less than 10-4
  • stability (total by all factors) not less than 10-5

  • The channel of data unloading Ethernet 10 ( UDP) 10 Mbytes/sec
    GPS support

    Volume of the built-in accumulator, А*hours: 5
    The voltage of power supply, V: 10,5…15
    Dimensions, mm: not more than 340 x 295 x 152 (Peli)
    Weight, kg: 5 ± 10%

    M-K4-SM27Magnetotelluric recorders

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