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The recorders are a part of the systems are intended for field electro prospecting investigations by methods of the audio magneto telluric soundings (AMTS), radio magneto telluric soundings (RMT), frequency soundings (FS) and for the electromagnetic monitoring.

Deliverer of MTS complex systems is Earth crust Research Institute of the St. Petersburg State University.

The recorders are delivering only with MTS complex systems.

The MTS method is based on the use of natural electromagnetic fields of the Earth in the frequency range from units up to first thousands of hertz.

The radio magneto telluric recorder are intended for field electro prospecting investigations in the frequency range up to 1 MHz.

Measurements of the fields in this frequency range allow study geoelectrical cross sections in the range of depths from the first tens meters up to the first kilometers.

One of the main features of the plane wave model is that at measurements of components of electrical and magnetic fields on the ground surface their ratio - the surface impedance, depends only on a structure and properties of underlying half-space. It allows not take into account seasonal and daily variations of electrical and magnetic fields and presence of many sources of these fields. This method can be used for oil-bearing and gas-bearing structures exploration, for break zones and kimberlitic pipes discovering, for monitoring of radio active and chemical depositories, for monitoring of geodynamic and seismic processes etc.

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Magneto telluric recorders



Magneto telluric digital recorders as part of the ACF-2.2 system (-2-S27) or ACF-4M system (-4-S27) are intended for field electro prospecting researches by the audio magneto tellurics soundings (AMTS) method, frequency soundings (FS) method and for the electromagnetic monitoring.
The recorder is intended for transformation of received analog signals into digital codes of data acquisition (data collection), primary processing and storage in a digital form of information in non-volatile Flash-memory.
Channels of the recorder are connected with the two transformers of the induction low-frequency magnetic field (magnetic coil sensors or magnetic antennae) and two grounded electrical antennae via remote preamplifier.



Recorder M-K4-SM27 for audio magneto telluric system ACF-4m.
Frequency band from 0.1 to 800 Hz.



Recorder -K4-S25 for radio magneto telluric system RMT.
Frequency band from 10 kHz to 1 MHz.

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