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Since 1997 MicroKOR ltd has been specialized in development and manufacturing of microprocessor-based data acquisition systems (analogue data recorders), control systems, single-board local controls (analogue and discrete).

The first digital seismic recorder for bottom seismic station, ordered by SEVMORGEO Company, was developed in 1997. A year later this recorder designated SМ6 was included into “GRANITSA” hardware kit.

Since 2000 to 2003 we have been producing type SМ16 recorder capable to register three components of a seismic signal as well as hydrophone signal. The recorder was included into “GRANITSA 3К+” hardware kit (developed by SEVMORGEO).

In 2004 new bottom seismic station type SM26 was developed to replace SM16.

Since 1998 SEVMORGEO has been conducting operations on reference geophysical profiles 1-АР, 2-АР, 3-АР and 4-АР in Barents and Kara Seas. In total, over 6000 line kilometres have been explored.

Microprocessor-based recorder type SM9 was used in 1999 for examination of Sea of Japan shelf resources; the recorder has been mounted in the casing of self-contained deep-water data acquisition system collecting information of ocean-floor parameters for concretion search.

In 2000 type SM17 24-channel digital seismic recorder was developed on the order of Polar Prospecting Sea Expedition. This model was designed to stand ultralow temperature and low atmospheric pressure. Currently SM17 recorders are used in seismic exploration of subglacial lake in the vicinity of “Vostok” Antarctic Station.

In 2002 we launched digital seismic station Millennium II developed in cooperation with R&D Centre OCEANGEOLOGIA for marine and land applications. This product combines three seismic exploration technologies. Such an arrangement (based on critical refraction methods) allows operation both in land and marine environment, and, most important, in transition land/sea zone, thus preventing any data loss throughout a cross-section under examination.

In 2003-2004 this station was used in geological mapping of sea-bed around Kolguyev Island in Barents Sea. Exploration method combined sampling and strip chart recording across the traverse network. In total, ca. 2000 line kilometres of lateral sections have been explored.

In cooperation with Earth Crust R&D Centre of Saint-Petersburg University we developed type SM27 recorder. This model constitutes a part of quasi-low-frequency – extremely low frequency measurement system type AKF-4M, designed for geophysical electromagnetic exploration with audio-magneto-telluric sounding. SM27 recorders were used for exploration of kimberlite pipe in Arkhangelsk diamondiferous province; currently, there is yet another application: monitoring of electromagnetic fields in Bishkek prognostic loop. AKF-4M systems (manufactured by Earth Crust R&D Centre of Saint-Petersburg University) were supplied to China, Australia, Spain, Vietnam, and Chile.

One more instrument created in cooperation with Earth Crust R&D Centre of Saint-Petersburg University is radio-magneto-telluric recorder type SM25 rated for frequency range up to 1 MHz, which constitutes a part of RMT system. This system was supplied to Spain and Germany. System version for vehicles is currently under development.

MicroKOR boasts vast experience in alarm & protection systems for marine diesel engines and diesel-generators, as well as control systems for emergency standby diesel-generators (rated power up to 200 kW). “MicroKOR-21” family of microprocessor-based systems (Specification TU24.06.2132-2000) is used in numerous marine applications such as control, alarm and protection of propulsion engines, auxiliary generation systems and other marine equipment, for which the family is certified by Russian Register of Shipping.

MicroKOR is well-experienced in single-board modules for local controls, both relay and analogue, data pre-processing systems, operator’s interfaces, processing signals from various sensors, such as current, voltage, frequency, temperature, pressure, vibration, etc.

Currently the Company is primarily focused at design and manufacturing of microprocessor-based seismic and magneto-telluric recorders.

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