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About MicroKOR
Old products

MicroKOR ltd (Saint-Petersburg) was established in 1997.

Principal line of Company’s activity is development and manufacturing of complex custom-tailored dedicated microprocessor-based modules.

The Company has vast experience in the development of data acquisition and control systems, particularly those intended for demanding environment.

We created a number of systems, instruments and modules for a variety of applications, from research studies to process automation (for more information see OLD PRODUCTS Section).

Currently MicroKOR is specialized in the development and manufacturing of microprocessor-based data acquisition systems, primarily, recorders of analogue signals used in geological and geophysical investigations (for more information see PRODUCTS Section).

Contact information:

Phone/Fax:+7(812) 327-07-98
Postal address:MicroKOR ltd,196105,Saint-Petersburg,Blagodatnaya St. 63,unit 6

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